Whether you are buying or selling residential or commercial property you can rely on Tony Laumberg’s over 30 years’ conveyancing experience to provide you with a smooth, reasonably priced transaction backed up by high quality legal advice.


Initially, Tony will take you through the Contract for the property you are interested in to ensure you are fully aware of all relevant details and terms.

He will at this time discuss with you the desirability of obtaining building and pest inspection reports and, if buying a strata unit, a strata records inspection report.

He will then suggest any amendments to the Contract and write to the vendor’s solicitor requesting the changes. After negotiations between the parties are finalised an exchange of Contracts will be arranged at which time you will pay the deposit and then be legally bound to proceed with the purchase.

Over the next few weeks Tony will liaise with your lender and make property enquiries to determine if any government authority has a proposal that affects the property and to determine the position with regard to Council rates, water charges and land tax.

A few weeks later you will need to pay stamp duty on the Contract and Transfer (by which you become registered as the owner).

Once the results of the property enquiries are known and are all clear Tony will arrange a settlement with the vendor’s solicitor and any lender. At this time you will pay the balance of the purchase moneys with adjustments for rates and charges and you will receive the Certificate of Title (to be handed over to any lender as security) and a Transfer (to be registered by any lender) following which you will become the owner.


Initially, Tony will obtain all necessary instructions from you to allow him to prepare a Contract for the sale of the property. He will then obtain all documents required by legislation to be attached to the Contract.

The Contract will then be sent to the agent in preparation for its sale by auction or private treaty.

During the auction process solicitors for prospective buyers may wish to negotiate amendments to the Contract should their client be the successful bidder. If the property is sold by private treaty then the purchaser’s solicitor may also wish to negotiate terms prior to exchange of Contracts.

Once a buyer is found and Contracts exchanged the deposit will be paid by the purchaser and the parties will be legally obliged to proceed with the transaction.

Tony will then contact your lender to arrange a discharge of any mortgage.

When the purchaser is in a position to proceed after having made all its property enquiries Tony will arrange a settlement with the purchaser’s solicitor and your lender. At this time the purchaser will pay the balance of the purchase moneys with adjustments for rates and charges and you will hand over the Certificate of Title and a Transfer (to be registered by the purchaser’s lender) following which you will cease to be the owner.