With over 30 years’ experience Tony Laumberg can provide you with high quality legal assistance with respect to all kinds of strata title matters and disputes.

Strata Matters

Strata title is a system by which home units and townhouses can be owned. When a Strata Plan is registered it creates a number of lots and each one may comprise, for instance, a home unit, a balcony, a garage and a storage area and may be sold and purchased.

The registration of the Strata Plan also brings into existence an Owners Corporation which owns all the property in the strata scheme apart from the lots, called common property, such as the building and the surrounding areas.

The Owners Corporation is responsible for making decisions concerning the strata scheme and all the lot owners are voting members of it.

Tony Laumberg has experience in advising some of the largest strata schemes in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs and can assist you with the following matters:

  • Advising on Owners Corporation’s responsibilities to repair common property
  • Advising on parking issues concerning common property
  • Advising on and drafting by-laws
  • Recovery of outstanding levies
  • Enforcement of by-laws
  • Advising on meeting procedures, motions and resolutions
  • Advising on appointment and termination of strata managers, caretakers and building managers

Strata Disputes

Whether you are in a disagreement with another lot owner or you are the Owners Corporation in dispute with a lot owner or resident it is best if the parties attempt to talk things out between themselves. If a resolution cannot be reached then the matter may be referred to NSW Fair Trading to arrange a mediation.

A mediation involves negotiation between the parties with the assistance of an independent mediator experienced in strata disputes. Any agreement reached is binding between the parties.

If mediation does not achieve a satisfactory result then the matter will have to be decided by a Tribunal called NCAT.

Tony Laumberg can help you at all stages of a strata dispute so as to bring about a practical, speedy and cost effective resolution.