When it comes to building and construction disputes you can rely on Tony Laumberg’s over 30 years’ litigation experience to provide you with a smooth, reasonably priced outcome backed up by high quality legal advice.

Building and construction disputes can be long, complex and costly. Whether the project involved is a house or a residential or commercial development many issues can arise including progress payments, defective work and time delays.

Once a dispute does arise it is important to get sound legal advice early on to clarify the legal position so as to reduce the time and money spent on negotiating a resolution during the course of building or construction work.

Tony Laumberg can assist you with a wide range of matters in this area including:

  • Payment claims under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act
  • Advice on building and construction contractual disputes
  • Building negligence claims
  • Building insurance claims
  • Home warranty claims
  • Alternate dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation
  • Home Building Act advice
  • Building contract negotiations